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Dancing in the Streets

Dancing as an Expression of Drumming

Drumming and dancing. Dancing and drumming. Like the chicken and the egg, drumming and dancing are as inseparable as the heartbeat and the breath.

Those of us living in the oasis called Santa Cruz have the good fortune to keep company with myriads of gifted dancers representing vast arrays of cultures and styles. Dancing in the Streets celebrates our good fortune, and on this page we share with you our grattitude to the gods and to the dancers who share with us their joy.

We feature Santa Cruz' Dancing in the Streets, which is part of National Dance Week and features local dancers. But we gladly acknowledge dancers from all corners of our world.

We encourage you to alert us of noteworthy events coming up by dropping us a line at [email protected], calling us at +1 (831) 428-6626 or filling out a contact form.

GANDHI - A dance drama on Mahatma Gandhi's life

A poster featuring a dance performance.

Shakti Bhakti Ensemble

A group of Indian dancers in a pose.

Shakti Bhakti Ensemble is a local bay-area dance group dedicated to the exposition of classical Indian dance and eastern spiritual art. They offer classes, workshops and performances on a regular basis.

Church Street Fair

Shakti Bhakti Ensemble will take the stage at 2:15pm with Odissi dance compositions of classical pieces such as Hari Om, Aravi Pallavi, Nava Durga, Moksha, and more!

When: August 5, 2017
Where: Downtown Santa Cruz
Fee: Free!

More info for Shakti Bhakti's events at

Abhinaya Dance Company

The Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose was founded by its Artistic Director Mythili Kumar in 1980, to present innovative and professional quality performances of South Indian classical dance forms.

A poster with the silhouette of a dancer.

Gandhi - A dance drama

When: July 22, 2017
Where: Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center, San Ramon, CA
Fee: $35 VIP; $20 General; $15 Children under 11

Arangetram - Snekha Senthilkumar

When: Sunday, August 6
Where: Mission City Center for Performing Arts, Santa Clara, CA
Fee: Free!

Arangetram - Vennela Chukka

When: Saturday, August 19
Where: Woodside High School Performing Arts Center, Woodside, CA
Fee: Free!

Arangetram - Pooja Akella

When: Saturday, August 26
Where: Menlo Atherton Center for Performing Arts, Atherton, CA
Fee: Free!

More info for Abhinaya Dance Company's events at

Dancing in the Streets 2017

We were unable to attend last year's celebration, but we were present and accounted for at a few of this year's great performances. Below, please find a sample of the evening's fare.

Shakti Bakti -->

Odissi dancer performing in the street.
Kids dancing hiphop in the street.

<-- Hiphop

Agua Doce -->

Contemporary dance on the streets of Santa Cruz.
Tap dancing in the street.

<-- Tap Dancing

Kathak Dreams -->

Indian dancer performing in the street.
Dancers having fun.

<-- Pop Dancing

Jazz Dance -->

Modern dancers dancing to jazz.
Tap dancers dancing the Jitterbug.

<-- Jitterbug Tap

Odissi Dance -->

Shakti Bakti performing and Odissi dance.
Kids dancing a variety of styles.

<-- Young Variety

Agua Doce 2 -->

Contemporary dance with and Afro-Brazilian flavor.
Kids dancing Capoeira.

<-- Capoeira

Flirtatious Dance -->

Beautiful young women performing a flirtatious dance.
A very modern and contemporary tap dance

<-- Modern Tap

Traditional Bali -->

A dancer performing a traditional Balinese dance.
Kids performing a Brazilian dance

<-- Brazilian Dance

Mexican Folk -->

Dancers performing a traditional Mexican Dance.
Young kids dancing in the street.

<-- Kids Dance

Dancing In The Streets 2015

While we were not able to attend every performance of this year's event, we did manage to capture on video a good selection from the schedule. Please enjoy.

World Danze Misfits -->

Dancers dancing a fusion of styles in the stsreet.

More fusion fun danced in the street.

<-- World Danze Misfits 2

Young Ballerinas -->

Young girls dancig ballet.

Two ballerinas dance on the street.

<-- Teen Ballet

Teen Ballet Duo -->

A pair of ballerinas dancing on Pacific Avenue, in Santa Cruz.

A ballet dancer in ethnic dress dancing in the street.

<-- Folk Ballet

Hip Hoppers -->

Ladies dancing hip hop in the street.

Odissi dancers in full attire dancing on Pacific Avenue.

<-- Shakti Bakti

Break Dancing Kids -->

Young children break dancing.

Dancers performing to Brazilian music.

<-- Brazilian

Romantic Dance -->

Classically trained dancers performing a romantic dance.

A Dancer dancing in the street.

<-- Gypsy

Modern Dance -->

Troupe of talented dancers dancing in a comtemporary style.

More modern dance from the contemporary troupe of dancers.

<-- Modern Dance 2

Modern Dance 3 -->

Skilled dancers performing modern dance in on Pacific Avenue.

Ballet in a contemporary style danced in the street.

<-- Modern Ballet

Novice Dancers -->

Young children just learning to dance give it all they got.

Dancers in ethnic attire dance a folk dance.

<-- Folk Dance

Contemporary Dance -->

Contemporary dancers performing and interacting with the audience.

Two dancers interpreting the courtship dance.

<-- Courtship Dance

Break Dancers -->

Break dancers entertaining the crowd.

Two dancers performing Afro-Brazilian dance.

<-- Afro-Brazilian Couple

Afro-Brazilian Her -->

An Afro-Brazilian dancer performs on Pacific Avenue.

A male dancer performs Afro-Brazilian dance.

<-- Afro-Brazilian Him

Afro-Brazilian Celebration -->

Everyone dances in the street.