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Those of us with the karma points to live in the space in time called Santa Cruz wallow in an ocean of talent. Our small oasis, cradled within the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose/Silicon Valley, Salinas Valley and the Monterey Bay, affords that talent ample opportunity for creative self expression. On this page, we 'beat the drums' for these celebrations, and we encourage you to share with us your knowledge of such events.

Our focus is on local drumming, but we do not discriminate.

Please let us know of any noteworthy events coming up by dropping us a line at [email protected], calling us at +1 (831) 428-6626 or filling out a contact form.

Djembefola Patreon Page Launched has been online since 2006 promoting and educating people about the culture and history of West African drum, dance and music. is an online drumming community and learning resource that includes an enthusiastic forum of which Dr. Tom has been an active member. Dr. Tom has benefited and learned much from this forum.

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A Drumming Event Not To Be Missed

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Jim Greiner's Hands-On Drumming

Poster with images of performers and spectators at a music event.

Interactive Drumming Sessions locally and worldwide for Corporate Team Building, Conferences & Meetings, Community Groups & Events, Schools & Youth Groups, and Private Celebrations of all types and sizes. Meditation Drumming Sessions for individuals and Groups.

Meditation Drumming Classes

Meditation Drumming sessions use drumming and rhythm-play as a vehicle to help us reinforce positive Life Rhythms. Jim will provide Frame Drums, and you are welcome to bring your own. Please come and join us for tranquil and uplifting meditation rhythms!

When: Thursdays, 5PM - 8PM
Where: Breath + Oneness, Capitola
Fee: ?

4-Week Rhythm Power Hand Drumming Class

Beginning to intermediate hand drumming techniques and rhythms, customized for each member's level of experience. We will focus mostly on the African Djembe, but I will also integrate other instruments into the class, depending upon your area of interest. Other instrument options are: Congas, Bongos, Doumbek/Darabouka, Frame Drums, Shekere and other hand-held percussion instruments..

When: Tuesdays, 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Where: Soquel Village, just outside the city of Santa Cruz, California
Fee: $75 for the four sessions. Advanced registration required

Conga Class - Beginning to Intermediate levels

We cover traditional and contemporary Caribbean rhythms and techniques, staying relaxed while playing, and playing with other people.

When: Wednesdays, 7:00PM to 8:30PM
Where: Soquel Village, just outside the city of Santa Cruz, California

More info for Jim's events at

Dave DiLullo's Global Drum Circles

Dave leading a drum circle.

East West Drum Circle

Join David DiLullo for an immersive musical experience to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Connect with the healing power of drumming in a 3-part format, which includes an open jam, facilitated drumming, and a guided meditation. Open to beginners regardless of experience; ages 16 and up welcome. Drums are provided.

When: Saturday, Jan 27, 7:30pm
Where: East West Bookstore Mountain View, CA
Fee: ?

More info for Dave's events at

Watsonville Taiko

Taiko drummers drumming. Heres's a nice introduction to this great group -->

Women's March

When: January 20 2018
Where: Santa Cruz, CA
Fee: Free!

Watsonville Taiko Holiday Boutique

When: Sunday, November 19
Where: Kizuka Hall, Watsonville
Fee: Free!

Young Ensemble Showcase

When: Saturday, February 10
Where: Santa Cruz High School
Fee: >

Taiko Classes

Watsonville Taiko offer classes and worksops for children of all ages and at a variety of locations. Please visit to learn how to get in on the fun!

When: Varies
Where: Varies
Fee: Varies

More info for Watsonville Taiko's events at

Don Quixotes's International Music Hall


With their exquisitely produced award-winning recordings, ranging dynamically from the most sensitive and touching old Irish songs all the way to hard hitting reels and jigs, and with their heartwarming, dynamic live performances, Altan have moved audiences from Donegal to Tokyo to Seattle.

Group of musicians posing.

When: Thursday, March 8
Location: 6275 Highway 9, Felton, CA
Fee: $30 Seated

Molly's Revenge

Molly's Revenge is a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band known for its unique and infectious enthusiasm. The classic combination of bagpipes, whistle, and fiddle, with a backdrop of guitar, mandola, and bodhran guarantees an enjoyable experience for all fans of Scottish and Irish music.

Group of musicians posing.

When: Saturday, March 17
Location: 6275 Highway 9, Felton, CA
Fee: $20

More info for Don Quxote's events at

Kuumbwa Jazz

Pacific Mambo Orchestra featuring Herman Olivera

Pacific Mambo Orchestra honors the sound of the great Latin big bands of the 1940s, infusing mambo, salsa, chia-cha-cha and Latin jazz with intoxicating energy.

A large band of musicians posing with their instruments.

When: Saturday, January 6
Where: Cocoanut Grove Ballroom, Santa Cruz, CA
Fee: $35 Adv. - $40 Door


AZA unites traditional Tamazight (Berber) music, indigenous to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with the global influences of its diverse members. Evocative of Saharan-African blues, yet with an original style that truly defies categorization, AZA’s stirring performances feature deep, danceable rhythms, intricate string melodies, and soaring, soulful vocals.

A large band of musicians posing with their instruments.

When: Saturday, January 20
Where: Cocoanut Grove Ballroom, Santa Cruz, CA
Fee: $20 Adv. - $25 Door

Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band

Poncho Sanchez has been preaching the “gospel of the clave” for over three decades. In that time, he has not only carried on the legacy of his mentor, Cal Tjader, but expanded his ensemble’s repertoire to incorporate forays into classic soul music and blues, all the while honoring the folkloric roots of Afro-Cuban music.

Poncho Sanchez sitting and playing a shekere surrounded by congas.

When: Thursday, January 25
Where: Cocoanut Grove Ballroom, Santa Cruz, CA
Fee: $32 Adv. - $37 Door

More info for Kuumbwa Jazz's events at

Moe's Alley

Celso Pina

Celso Piña is a pioneer in mixing or blending sounds of tropical base, combined with all kind of popular genres from norteño to sonidero, Ska, Reggae, Rap, Hip Hop or R&B, just to mention some. For this reason he’s considered one of the best musicians from Mexico and Latin America.

An accordionist with his instrument.

When: Thursday, January 18
Where: Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA
Fee: $25 Adv. / $30

More info for Moe's Alley's events at